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Peggy Acomba

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Artist's Statement:


A warm welcome to my site. It is and will continue to be changing and unfolding so if you can, come back often.

You will learn who I am through my work and my words. I look at life from a deeply spiritual perspective. And by that I mean I notice what is in front of me. I pay attention. And, I believe that nature holds all that is sacred.

What calls me forward as an artist is finding that place of true creativity when the right idea joins with the energy of spirit along with a willingness to explore the unknown. Finding this moment is pure magic and I never question the results I see on my canvas.

What inspires me as an artist is everything - the shimmering thread of a spider web stretched between two branches in an oak tree, the deeply etched lines in the face of an old person, the wise open eyes of a 2 year old looking back at me.

What sustains me as an artist is pouring all of myself into the mystery of the creative process and knowing that I will never stop learning and pushing through any and all obstacles.



I am Canadian, born in Calgary, Alberta, but grew up on the West Coast of Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia. I live on Vancouver Island and have called Victoria home for almost 15 years.

Music was my first artistic expression as a singer/songwriter and during a ten year period of my life I created 2 albums of original music performing as often as I could with my busy life as a wife and mother of two teenaged boys and a full time job as a social worker.

Although I’ve never completely abandoned music I eventually moved on to a new creative outlet - jewellery design. After taking numerous metal smith courses I made jewellery for many years selling at craft shows and to a growing clientele. Again fitting this artistic expression into my family and work commitments. I also found time during these years to begin taking drawing courses.

Then when I retired I discovered painting! It is where my passion is and where my life’s journey has become really exciting.

I have ideas and creativity aplenty but it is my determination to stay on a fast track to developing the knowledge and skills I so admire in many other artists that leads me happily along as a painter.

I have been showing and selling my work for 4 years through my membership in the Studio 30 Art Club and the annual Scattered Artist Tour. Friends and family also continue to commission paintings.

I work in acrylic, watercolour, and mixed media.



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